About Me

I was inspired to create at a young age. Both my parents were storytellers, gifted as both writers and illustrators, and they raised me on small farm outside Rochester, New York. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time exploring 10 acres of woodlands, and as an avid reader, I’d spend hours curled up by the creek, diving deep into fantasy books. Through the years, my love of fairytales, myths, and legends only grew, and after learning photography, I started creating my own versions of these tales.

I capture as much as I can in camera, then I enhance my shots with Photoshop to bring in the magic and embody the images that I see in my head. Most of my images focus on the beauty in darkness, and the strength in my characters’ spirit and soul.


ERA Art Bar & Lounge, Oakland, solo show, 2015
The Studio Door, San Diego, “Once Upon a Time” Best in Show, 2015
Photo Place, “Altered Realities”, group show, 2019
Photo Place, “Fictional Narrative”, group show, 2018
Photo Place, “Myths, Legends and Dreams”, group show, 2018
UGallery, group show, 2015
RAW, group show, LA 2013
School of the Arts Alumni Art Show, Rochester, 2018


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Bay Area, CA