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The Artisans

My husband has said that if my family had a motto it would be “That doesn’t look too hard, I could make that.” All my life I grew up as a maker. See a necklace you like? Make it. Want that dress? Grab some fabric and sew one just like it. This came directly from the example set by my parents, both of whom are artists, but they are also makers. My mom’s a writer, painter, knitter, and self described “jack-of-all-trades.” My dad has built an addition to our house, as well as most of the furniture that was in my house as a child. When I was in high school, I performed a dance number from Cats; my mom sewed the unitard, and my dad airbrushed the stripes, so that my costume rivaled the ones from the Broadway version. It was just the way we did things.

So when my parents visited and I had them in my studio with all my costumes, I knew that I had to have them pose for me in a way that honored that tradition. I wanted them to become a couple of Elizabethan artisans — not the wealthy elite who would usually have their portrait painted, but the artists that create that work for those patrons. Mom has a quill and books for her writing, while my Dad is holding a wooden box that he crafted out of a 100-year-old tree. I am glad to continue the tradition that they taught me, as I try to fill he world with beautiful things.