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Models: Blythe Renay, Cassiopeia

This is an outtake, or actually several stitched together, of the Novice series that I made for my father, who lost his hand at a young age. Cassie, our irrepressible Tortie always wanted to be involved in the shoots, but never wanted to be the star. Blythe trying to hold her in her lap, but she did not want to be held. That was how it always was, she did not want attention, unless she was ready for it, and then she would demand it. Jump on you lap, our place her paws on your leg until you lifted her up. If you stopped petting her she would grab you hand. She would curl up on my shoulder when I was in bed and press her forehead against my cheek and knead my neck, for hours. She was my cat, fully, as stubborn and lovable as she was. She was only 5 when she was taken from us last Friday by acute illness. It was sudden and awful. I will miss her my whole life.

We have brought another kitten into our house, not to replace her, but to try to heal the gaping hole she has left behind. I knew I had to create a piece for her, but it was too raw last week. It still hurts now, but she deserves what ever honor I can give her.