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Queen of Possibilities

Model: Brooke Shaden

This is the next in my Queen series, which is meant to show women representing confident power. I had the opportunity to ask Brooke if she would pose for me at the Promoting Passion Convention which is Brooke’s brainchild. I was thrilled when she agreed, even though she was super busy and completely over-worked. One of the things that Brooke is famous for is posing in bed sheets. A white bed sheet is something almost everyone has access too, it does not bring any story to the image itself, and is timeless. What I love about Brooke’s outlook on her art is that anything is possible. You start with a blank sheet of paper, and start drawing your idea, then you keep adding elements. Layer upon layer, the image comes to be. I knew that Brooke would be my Queen of Possibilities, wrapped in a bed sheet, her throne also covered, since it had not yet become what it was to become. When I started playing with my image at home, I realized I wanted to add in the layers of the image coming into to being. I had my very talented father, Herm Auch, help out by sketching out the edges of my image. I wanted that sketch to look like it was the base layer, and the image was being painted on top. Even though I work on computer and not with paint, this image does tell the story of how I create–including asking for help. Thank you, Dad for your sketching, and thank you Brooke for your inspiration and knowledge.