Queen of ChildhoodQueen Series

Model: Bella Gershtein

This is the first of a series that I will be working on for some time. I decided that I want to build a series that featured strong woman as rulers. But instead of having them be actual historical queens, or even fictional queens, I wanted them to represent concepts and ideals. I have a notebook full of ideas. I have models I want to use, and need to find the right concept match for them, I have concepts in need of a model. I also have some of the models and concepts matched but are need in props and or costumes. Bella was the first to come together completely.

I loved the idea of the “Queen of Childhood”, not a princess. Her crown is made of gold paper and tape, and her throne is wooden blocks. I am now a connoisseur of wooden blocks and have three different sets featured here. I love the unpainted letter blocks in capitals and lowercase, and the castle blocks are very satisfying to build with. The stuffed animals are my own, and were happy to be part of this piece.