Haunting the Palace of my Past

Model: Blythe Renay
When I was a child living outside Rochester, NY, there was a house that had a small stone palace in the front yard. It was maybe 2 feet tall, and I would just catch a glimpse of it as we would drive by. It was on a busy street with no sidewalk, so it’s not like you could stop and look. It became kind of a mythic thing in my mind—not something I would think of often—but I would see it and start wondering how it came to be, and what it really looked like up close. This May when I went home to visit, I saw the palace agin, driving with my husband. The yard was over grown with tall grass, and the house behind it was showing signs of neglect. Dan pulled into the driveway, and I snuck onto the yard and took some pictures. I was blown away about how perfect the tiny structure was. The windows were glazed with thick glass, the details where crafted to perfection.
I hope you love it as much as I do.