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About the Artist

katportrait_smallCurrently located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Katrin Auch was born and raised on the shores of Lake Ontario in upstate New York. She is the eldest child of two artists who believed in the homesteading movement, growing up in a rural area surrounded by ducks, chickens, and several wooded acres where her creative spirit and vivid imagination were encouraged to roam free. After years of pursuing the performing arts, Katrin became an art director for several national publications and worked closely with photographers, only to fall in love with photography herself.

Her love of myths and fairy tales is a mainstay of her work. She finds unique beauty in the part of the story where things are bleakest, which usually leads her to research the original, often uncompromising versions of the stories. Her subjects tend to find a place of peace in their despair, leaving the viewer to decide if they find a happy ending.

Katrin uses digital compositing techniques to create otherworldly landscapes that allow her characters to come to life. Her images explore the stories of childhood with the eyes of maturity.